As you can probably tell, we don’t take ourselves too seriously…

In 2016, brothers Jimmy & Mikee ran a simple Dodgeball night for their local sporting club. The idea was to create a fun and different event that would grow and shape a healthy social culture within the club. It was important the occasion was something fresh to inspire people to join in social events again. With this vision and a basic setup that consisted of 5 balls and nets hung from the roof of the club rooms; the Dodgy Bro’s idea was born!

What started as banter and a laugh between two brothers is now a finely tuned and unique experience designed purely for its original intention – to bring people together whilst generating maximum laughter and fun. We have been very lucky to create events for companies such as BHP, Air New Zealand, Home Group WA and Beauvine Food & Wine Festival as well as heaps of community and youth organisations around Perth & regional WA.

​Dodgy by name but not by nature, we follow our quest to provide a hassle free, friendly and professional service that delivers a unique and memorable experience. BIG or small, get in touch today and we can tailor an event for you!

The original

Dodgy Van