Bringing community together!

At our community events, it’s super common to see people enter the arena as strangers but before long, they are sharing high fives, uncontrollable laughter and even celebratory hugs!
That’s what Dodgy Bros Dodgeball does – we create a fun, unique experience that brings community together… and we love doing it!

Dodgeball is for everyone – all ages, all abilities and all fitness levels – and our fast-paced games mean hundreds of people can play per hour. It’s a great way to bring people together through fun and fitness.

Plus, you can’t miss us! Our one-of-a-kind inflatable arena certainly catches your eye at any large event, and our impressive LED game lighting and signage makes us stand out when the sun goes down.

Want us to help create a truly original pop-up experience at your community event or festival? Contact us, we’d love to chat.


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