Re-create your very own showdown of The Purple Cobras Vs The Average Joes (that’s a movie reference btw) with friends and family!

Dodgeball is the perfect way to get your friends and/or family together for some (potentially super competitive) fun.

Our team will take care of everything so you can enjoy a hassle-free, energetic, laughter-inducing, occasionally trash-talking (not from us!), private party like no other.

We can tailor the event to suit your group size and ages and bring the party to a location that best suits you. You can organise your own teams or we can– it’s up to you. Within an hour, the arena is set up, teams are ready, and our sports and party anthems playlist will make you feel like you’re the stars of your very own Dodgeball movie.

We also organise trophies and medals for the winning teams so you can always remember (and rub in) your triumph over your loved ones!

For a full pop-up party Dodgeball experience like no other, contact our team. We’d love to help create an event that’s right for you.