We bring the party, your club makes the money!

You and your teammates have never faced off like this before… welcome to Dodgy Bros Dodgeball – the perfect team and culture building experience for all ages and skill levels.

In honour of our roots, we have created an affordable, flexible Party Tournament Package specifically for non-profit sporting organisations, to help generate funds for your club.

This package offers a maximum of 20 team tickets (100 people). For Social Directors, this means you just have to sell 20 tickets and the ticket holders are then responsible for recruiting their own teams. Simple!

We take the ticket cost, you take the profits from the food and bar!

We reduce the workload for Social Club Directors by offering easy booking options, tailored packages and supporting much of the admin tasks. We can even provide you with promotional flyers customised with your club logos and event details!

With games designed to encourage laughter and maximum fun, dodgeball ticks every box to become your next social event of the year!


Customised pricing on your screen, instantly! Without any of that unnecessary data collection